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Save Energy by Managing the Sun in Your Home Or Commercial Space

It’s safe to say that cost of energy is going nowhere but up in the coming years. One of the primary drivers of energy cost in a home or commercial space comes from heating and cooling of a space to keep the occupants comfortable. In the Summer, heat coming through the glass causes your air conditioning to work overtime to keep up. In the Winter, your windows are a primary area that heat escapes and causes your furnace to need to replace the heat that is being lost. So, whether it is hot or cold outside, you are using energy to keep it comfortable inside. Maintaining comfort means managing temperatures and that is where window film comes in. By helping to manage interior temperatures by making your existing windows perform better, window film becomes a very cost effective way to save energy.

So, how does window film help? Modern window films that can be applied to your existing windows can act to reduce the heat from the sun coming in during the Summer and retain the heat produced from your furnace in the Winter. A a result, your air conditioning and furnace do not need to work as hard to keep the interior comfortable for the occupants. The less time these systems have to work, the more you save energy on keeping the space comfortable.

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